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Pick 3 All States Lottery Workout and Predictions for the Week 5-12 July 07/07/2009

Posted by sbip999 in Pick 3 Weekly All States - July 2009.

Hey there,

I was just noticing no hit today (in the Carolinas) off the JC workout posted here. But today is not over.

This week I will be backtesting another lottery workout using the Julian Calendar. Last week I put together a list of numbers, the rundowns of which should yield the hits. I hesitated to post them because after I went back to look at them, I could not see where I got the numbers from (i.e. how they were calculated).

Anyway, here are the base numbers for the rest of this week. For now I am just posting the base number. If you do not know how to run down a number, there is an example below. On second thought, let me just run them all down. It will be easier to track the hits if I do it that way.

Remember with the Julian Calendar, you may want to use the day before and or the day after to find today’s hits. Although I have noticed that some hits not due till midweek have already shown, like the 278 STR8 in SC came on 7/6 Eve and the 945 came in SC on 5 July. The 350 posted for Sunday actually showed on Monday in SC’s midday draw. Will keep an eye open for any type of patterns that emerge. I’m curious that none of the rundown numbers were doubles for the week. Don’t know what that means.

All States Lottery Predictions
Week of 6 July – 11 July 2009
Julian Calendar Based Workout

Sunday: 386:– 275 164 053 942 831 720 619 508 497 386
Monday: 521:–410–309–298–187–076–965–854–743–632–521
Tuesday: 555:–444–333–222–111–000–999–888-777–666–555
Wednesday: 389:278–167–056–945–834–723–612–501–490–389
Thursday: 133:–022–911–800–799–688–577–466–355–244–133
Friday: 167:–056–945–834–723–612–501–490–389–278–167
Saturday: 192:–081–970–869–758–647–536–425–314–203–192

It took awhile to calculate each of these rundown numbers for the month of July so I know I must have felt they would be lucrative or I would not have invested the time.

Anyway, we shall see how it all comes out in the wash.




1. sbip$999 - 08/07/2009

ok. So far the Carolinas has gotten several hits from this workout, however, none of them on the days specified. So do we abandoned this workout? Let's see, from Sunday through Tuesday, these hit happened in SC: 945, 350, 278. That's $120 winnings if you played .50 box. If you played .50 Straight, your winnings would have been $500 since the 945 and the 278 came out straight; and if you played the 40# per draw from Sunday to Tuesday, it would have cost .50 x 200#= $100. Still a $20 profit on the box hits. Not much, but better than playing one day/one line at a time and winning nothing. Will have to keep this in mind for next week.

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